I began teaching as a graduate student at Cardiff University in 2001. Since then I’ve taught a wide range of courses for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as  supervising graduate research in the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities at the University of Chicago. I have teaching interests in a wide range of areas, including Ancient Greek Philosophy and Literature, Epistemology, Ethics and Meta-ethics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Science.

Courses at Providence College (2011-present):

DWC 101: Development of Western Civilization I
PHL 103: Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 202: Introduction to Ethics
PHL 207: Philosophy of the Human Being
PHL 315: Symbolic Logic
PHL 318: Philosophy of Science
PHL 319: Theory of Knowledge
PHL347: Philosophy of Language
PHL352: Philosophy of Mind
PHL490: Hume’s Moral Theory (Independent Study)
PHL490: Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard (Independent Study)

Courses at the University of Chicago (2006-2011):

HUMA 12000: Greek Thought & Literature I
HUMA 12100: Greek Thought & Literature II
HUMA 12200: Greek Thought & Literature III
PHIL 23000: Introduction to Epistemology
PHIL 2/31005: Early Analytic Philosophy: Frege—Russell—Wittgenstein
PHIL 2/31415: Contemporary Analytic Metaethics: Moral Realism & Its Enemies
PHIL 2/31615: Meaning and Skepticism
PHIL 31414: Contemporary Analytic Philosophy

Courses at Cardiff University (2001-2006):

SE 4101: Mind, Thought and Reality
SE 4102: The Individual, Morality and the State
SE 4318: Philosophy of Language